ZOLO: Wireless control of a smoke cannon thanks to its autonomous safety system

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ZOLO: Wireless control of a smoke cannon thanks to its autonomous safety system
Monday, September 8, 2014Description :
ZOLO is a new ultra-low security system that, in case of break-in, controls a wireless smoke generator. ZOLO is turned on using a remote control or a telephone.
Wireless control of a stand-alone smoke gun with its safety system
An all-in-one system combining security and anti-theft fog. Protect has launched Zolo, the first GSM security system to wirelessly control a smoke gun. The product targets private dwellings and holiday residences, as well as small businesses and mobile units such as site trailers, boats and caravans.
Smoke guns are a unique type of protection protecting valuables after burglary. The Protect network of installers therefore receives regular requests for information on less costly fog protection systems, in particular from private consumers wishing to protect small dwellings or holiday residences or sites requiring only low- Temporary protection.
Protect after analysis of the different possibilities designed a new GSM security system against theft, connected to a smoke gun. This GSM security system called Zolo has been developed for private homes, homes under construction, temporary examination rooms etc., where it is not possible to install a conventional alarm system.
The new PROTECT ZOLO safety system is a low cost solution including the fog gun. The solution is also cheaper than a traditional alarm system, as it is generally not linked to a security system and therefore does not generate a fixed monthly fee. However, this security system can be purchased as an option from dealers.
"Most businesses and many private homes are currently equipped with electronic alarm systems that can be upgraded by adding a smoke gun. But on sites lacking a traditional alarm system we were not able to offer smoke protection. So we see great potential in the ZOLO solution, which can connect to all our smoke guns by installing a small communication card in the barrel and supplied in the ZOLO Kit, "explains Christophe DESSAIN, Protect La France.
Danish quality

Protect smoke guns are manufactured in Denmark.

Today, Protect A / S exports more than 80% of its production in more than 40 countries around the world. The undisputed leader of the Danish market, Protect markets its smoke guns via a national network of alarm installers.

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