Clamping pin, steel


Clamping pin, steel
Description :

The screw is tightened or the clamping lever is turned to expand the two wedges in the hole. The infinitely adjustable shaft collar enables one or more stop elements with various thicknesses to be securely fixated.
Infinitely adjustable clamping range of 0-36 mm and 0-75 mm.
Not affected by the diameter or surface quality of the bore (up to H12).
Clamping range can be easily preset using the scale.
Gentle clamping in the bore.
Pull-down effect even with thin table material (?8 mm or ?4 mm).
Compatible with conventional stop elements.


Handle die-cast zinc acc. to DIN EN 12844.
Locating pin and wedges steel 1.0715.
Shaft collar steel 1.0718.

Handle black, plastic coated.
Centring pin and shaft collar phosphated.
Wedges black oxidised.
Lasered division marks.

Application area(s)

These clamping pins are perfect for fixing standard stop elements with various thicknesses to hole grid boards / welding tables with hole Ø 16 mm or 28 mm.

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