Duraflow, a Scott Safety Breathing Air Respirator

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Duraflow, a Scott Safety Breathing Air Respirator
Wednesday, August 31, 2016Description :
Scott Safety introduces Duraflow, a lightweight, ergonomically designed air-breathing respirator incorporating advanced real-time air flow control technology. This solution offers the wearer the guarantee of perfect respiratory protection, allowing him to concentrate on his work rather than on the equipment itself, in many situations and industries at risk.

Mark Andrews, Product Manager, Breath Air Respiratory Protection, Half Mask and Air Supply at Scott Safety, said, "Duraflow's goal was to market durable, reliable, reliable respiratory protection equipment at an affordable price , Intended for those who currently use negative pressure respirators whose filters are installed directly on the mask "

The Duraflow's automatic monitoring functions ensure that the air flow is maintained at the right level to guarantee the protection of the user. Visual and audible warnings alert the user when the airflow falls below the required level or when the battery needs to be recharged. Two high-energy battery options are available: standard or long life. The user can choose the one that suits him best according to his working time. These options reduce downtime.

The Duraflow device helps safety managers meet the needs of users of all ages with low respiratory stress. As noted in the latest Scott Safety white paper, changes in the respiratory physiology of older workers in manual positions can reduce their ability to perform certain physical tasks. By providing users with a refreshing flow of filtered air without respiratory effort, Duraflow can make a difference for some employees and help them complete and complete their work.

Very versatile, the Duraflow is compatible with many Scott Safety hoods, filters and accessories, and protects the user against various environmental hazards.

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