Proto Labs® Europe, 10,000 molds in 8 years, a record number!

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Proto Labs® Europe, 10,000 molds in 8 years, a record number!
Monday, September 30, 2013Description :
Proto Labs, the world's fastest manufacturer of CNC machined parts and injection molded parts, announces the manufacture of the 10,000th mold in Europe. As part of its Protomold® injection molding service, the 10,000th mold was manufactured for the French company PETZL.

John Tumelty, Managing Director of Proto Labs Europe, said: "The manufacture of the 10,000th mold in Europe represents an important milestone and demonstrates the dynamism of the Proto Labs company established for 8 years on this continent. "

Bernard Faure, Head of France, added: "I am all the more delighted that this 10,000th mold was realized for a leading company in its field, based in France in the Rhône-Alpes region, half an hour from our Offices. "

Founded in 1976 in Crolles, PETZL is a family business with a workforce of about 500 people. This company designs tools and solutions for athletes and professionals to enable them to engage, day and night, in the most inaccessible vertical environments. These include equipment such as protective helmets, lamps, harnesses, carabiners, etc. used in sports such as climbing, mountaineering, via ferrata, and by professionals such as saunas, lifeguards, workers On oil platform, EDF agents, etc.

The first contact with the company Proto Labs dates from 2011, through an external consultancy firm partner of PETZL. Since then, the company regularly uses the Protomold service from Proto Labs.

The 10,000th mold manufactured by Proto Labs in Europe was created for the service of Raphaël Lanez - head of the PETZL helmet development unit - to carry out tests to measure the influence of chemicals on materials Make up protective helmets. The aim was to rapidly produce test pieces in order to expose them to certain complex environments and to see the impact of these environments on the mechanical properties of the materials used.

Mr. Raphaël Lanez explains: "The test piece to be used for our tests was realized very quickly in CAD and then the parts were delivered in record time by Proto Labs. I do not know the technology used by Proto Labs to make molds as quickly, their service is simply incredible. "

Before using the Protomold service of Proto Labs, Raphaël Lanez used the technique of sintering to make prototypes. He adds: "Today, thanks to the 'good material' prototype parts supplied by Protomold, we save time to validate the tests, about two to three months. The services of Proto Labs allowed us to create a validation protocol that we could not set up before. It is for us the key to solving our problem ".

Remember that Protomold produces prototypes and small series of good parts in hundreds of thermoplastics, sometimes in a day. Using the Protomold service is very simple, simply by putting a 3D model on the Protoquote® quote system to receive a detailed analysis of the feasibility of the model and a production price within a few hours.

Beyond the technical performances, Mr. Lanez particularly appreciated the exchanges with the French team of Proto Labs based in Le Bourget du Lac in Savoie. It states: "The Proto Labs France team is very efficient, very present, very professional and at the same time we have worked in user-friendliness. I particularly appreciated the sense of service, the flexibility and of course the speed of execution. I had already used Proto Labs for other projects, so I will not hesitate to use them again. "

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