The latest innovations from Victrex push the limits of performance in the Aeronautics and Energy sectors


The latest innovations from Victrex push the limits of performance in the Aeronautics and Energy sectors
Wednesday, March 4, 2015Description :
Increased productivity at all levels of the manufacturing chain: simplified design, more flexible production, ease of assembly and extended maintenance intervals.

Victrex, the world leader in PAEK-based technical solutions, plays a key role in accelerating manufacturing processes and reducing energy consumption in close cooperation with engineers and technicians from design to production, Energy through components up to 60% lighter than metal. In addition, robust and durable parts made of VICTREX® PEEK help to extend the total service life and maintenance intervals in a wide range of industrial sectors. At the JEC Europe show in Paris from 10 to 12 March, Victrex (Hall 7.2, Stand F41) will showcase its state-of-the-art aerospace and energy solutions, including new molding technology Hybrid Victrex, created to produce aeronautical components by combining unprecedented robustness and design flexibility.

The Victrex booth at the JEC show will feature this year the hybrid molding technique that has just been developed. "Our technology is radically changing the game by opening up unlimited design possibilities. We are able to offer a solution with unique performance characteristics, but that is not all. We are also cooperating with our customers to create products by analytical design and accelerate the transition from concept to commercialization, "said Tim Herr, Vice President of the Victrex Strategic Business Unit Aerospace. The analytical design establishes a structure within which parts are designed according to specific requirements using state-of-the-art modeling software. A prototype is built, then the performance of the model is validated in the laboratory. "By demonstrating the value of this process through our thorough knowledge of PAEK polymer, we are now able to accelerate the design of future parts," said Mr. Herr. In the aeronautics sector, well-filled order books lead aircraft manufacturers to look for solutions capable of improving efficiency at all levels of the production chain in order to reduce the final cost of the system.

Composites for aeronautics: more flexible designs - reduced production and assembly time
The performance requirements of aeronautical components continue to push the limits of today's metals and thermoplastics ever further. By launching its hybrid molding technology, Victrex offers engineers the ability to combine the robustness of VICTREX PAEK composites with continuous fiber reinforcement and the design freedom of VICTREX PEEK injection molding solutions. This process of overmolding makes it possible to produce a part in a few minutes instead of several hours, as is the case for an equivalent of metal or thermosetting composites. In addition, the very high specific strength obtained allows up to 60% reduction in the initial weight of the components and the consolidation of parts to create a highly functional and elegant component significantly shortens manufacturing cycles, thus providing manufacturers with solutions for Reduce the weight of appliances while reducing manufacturing time.

Energy Sector: Pushing Performance Limits in Extreme Environments

The oil and gas industry, the second strong point of the Victrex booth at the JEC show, has several things in common with the aerospace sector - mainly the minimization of risks and the development of sustainable economic solutions. "To limit the performance of drilling tools to new heights, Victrex is investing in rigorous ongoing testing programs to ensure the performance of its solutions in the most hostile HPHT1 environments," said Tom Swanson, The Strategic Business Unit at Victrex. Victrex is a stakeholder in standardization committees such as NORSOK2, ISO and API3 in order to implement a comprehensive protocol for predicting the lifetime of high performance polymers. Mr. Swanson also adds, "Victrex solutions have been used in more than 75 million sealing systems to date. We are the only supplier of PAEK solutions capable of offering 35 years of know-how and a wide portfolio of products to meet the ever-changing requirements of drilling environments. "Productivity is the number one priority in the oil and gas industry, with an average tool failure of $ 100,000. Unconventional reserves represent another challenge facing this sector. To exploit them, Exploration and Production (E & P) companies are forced to expose their valuable equipment to high pressures and corrosive fluids and gases in an extreme temperature range.

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