Chain clamp sets, steel


Chain clamp sets, steel
Description :

Chain clamps enable cylindrical, complicated and large to very large workpieces to be clamped securely and effectively in the quickest and easiest way.
Suitable for cylindrical workpieces, valve bodies, pistons etc.
The workpiece surface can be protected by attaching the plastic elements.

The knurled nut on the clamping bracket can be used to preset the chain length and the clamping force. The required torque is set on the clamping hook.

- The opening angle of the chain should not exceed 30°.
- Do not exceed max. permitted tightening torques


Clamping hook, steel.
Clamping bracket, steel.
Roller chain, steel.

Steel parts, tempered.

Steel roller chains for chain clamp sets 04211-03.
Steel turnbuckles for chain clamp sets 04211-06.
Steel prisms for chain clamp sets 04211-09.
Nuts for T-slots DIN 508 enhanced, 07060.
Cap screws DIN EN ISO 4762, 07160.

Application area(s)

Chain clamps are used mainly in machine and plant construction.

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