Clamp straps double-sided, 90° swivelling


Clamp straps double-sided, 90° swivelling
Description :

The double-sided clamp straps are ideal for series clamping.

For special applications, the clamping flange can be replaced with another clamping flange by loosening the clamping screw. The clamping flange must always have a contact point on both sides.


Carbon steel.

Tempered and black oxidised.

Functional principle:
1. Use a hand-held or electric tool to tighten the hexagon head bolt (make sure that the maximum tightening torque is not exceeded). When clamping, the clamping flange automatically turns by quarter of a rotation and starts the clamping stroke.

2. Use reverse procedure to loosen the hexagon head bolt. The clamping flange automatically returns to its starting position (the set screw can be used to change the position of the clamping flange).

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