Levelling wedges with adhesive anchor


Levelling wedges with adhesive anchor
Description :

Suitable for adjustment loads up to 12 tonnes.

The heavy-duty anchors apply the centre double wedge principle.

With the centre double wedge principle, the machine support height is adjusted by two wedges instead of one. The wedge movements are consistent and free of play.

With the double wedge, the force acting on the lifting mechanism is halved and the central support point always remains rigid and stable.

The spherical machine support on rounded discs can compensate for unevenness in the floor.

Horizontal movements are prevented by the centring sleeve which holds the floor bolt in the form of an adhesive anchor.


Steel, housing plastic, adhesive anchor steel.


So as not to exceed the specified adjustment loads, it is not just the proportional machine load that has to be considered. The sum of all occurring loads must be taken into account. These include dynamic loads, alternating loads and the preloads on the Wellenstein expansion screw (anchor rod).


Spacer washers 27710-30-00904 and 27710-30-00906

Application area(s)

Example applications of the levelling wedge are for levelling heavy machine tools, high-speed milling machines, and transfer machines.

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