Machinable collets pneumatic / 03178-10


Machinable collets pneumatic / 03178-10
Description :

The pneumatic collet system consists of a chuck and a machinable collet.
The chuck can be screwed onto fixtures according to the mounting dimensions.

Clamping procedure:
The collet is opened by applying compressed air to the "open" port.
The collet is closed (for clamping) by applying compressed air to the "close" port.
The pneumatic connections can be screwed on either from below or from the side. If the air is connected from below, the side ports must be closed.

Machining the collet for external clamping:
The negative form of the workpiece to be clamped is machined into the collet. Free-form and asymmetrical contours are possible.
Different workpieces can be clamped quickly and securely by simply exchanging the collet.
The collet can be milled down to height H2. This enables multiple workpiece contours to be machined into one collet.

Repeat accuracy for workpiece: +/-0.03
Repeat accuracy after replacing the collet +/- 0.02
The collet radial clamping travel is 0.15 mm per clamping segment.
To prevent damage the collet should not be tightened without a workpiece or clamping ring in place.
The operating air pressure should lay between 0.45 - 0.55 MPa.
The clamping forces indicated are based on 0.5 MPa.


Chuck high-carbon steel, nickel-plated.
Collet high-strength aluminium, blue anodised.

Clamping ring for machining the contour.
Locating pin.
Clamping screw for collet.

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