Positioning cones, steel for centring units


Positioning cones, steel for centring units
Description :

In conjunction with the position bushings, the position cones form a centring unit for the high-precision positioning of two components. The system achieves a repeat accuracy of <0.003 mm. The bonded rubber does not become brittle and is insensitive to contamination or swarf. Small embedded swarf splinters do not effect the system.


Cone, steel.
Balls, ball bearing steel.

Cone hardened and ground.
Balls embedded in rubber which is vucanised on the cones.

Temperature range:
+80 °C.

Functional principle:
When the positioning cone and bush are mated, the balls are pressed together within the rubbers elastic range and thus locate the two parts in which they have been fitted, with maximum accuracy. To ensure that the rubber in which the balls are embedded is deformed within the elastic range, one must merely ensure that the depth of the hole into which the positioning bush is later pressed is precisely observed. The positioning cone is supplied ready to fit into the positioning bush and must simply be fitted into the counterpart component. Henceforth, a precise zero point positioning system is in place.

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