Seco expands its range of grooving and bucking tools


Seco expands its range of grooving and bucking tools
Monday, March 3, 2014Description :
Seco dedicates the beginning of 2014 to tools for grooving and bucking. In addition to the commercialization of new products, Seco plans to launch an online guide listing numerous technical data. The Seco range of grooving and cutting tools now includes extensions to the X4 tangential insert tool, MDT (multifunctional turning), 150.10 cutting blades and Mini-Shaft tools for small diameter diameters, Bore. Due to its unique features and advantages, each of these products provides customers with stability, reliability and performance in grooving and bucking operations.


Thanks to its interface and design, the X4 system offers a flexible and high-performance solution for grooving and cutting applications. It incorporates robust tangential inserts with a rigid clamping system to maximize safety and achieve higher infeed depths. The various cutting edge widths of the X4, between 0.5 and 3 mm, offer great grooving flexibility while minimizing waste material when cutting. With a maximum cutting depth of 6.5 mm, the X4 can be used to cut parts up to 13 mm in diameter. The X4 system now incorporates complete radius profiles and profiles for the circlip grooves.

The MDT system includes a variety of indexable inserts, tool holders, cutting widths and grades suitable for axial, external and internal machining in many applications including grooving, bucking, turning, threading and Profiling. This system offers high levels of stability through an upper V-flange and a ribbed surface between the underside of the insert and the tool holder.

Specially designed for cutting operations, the product range 150.10 consists of plates, HSS blades with (short) or (long) cutting edge, available in widths between 1.4 and 6.35 mm, for holding the wafer As well as standard attachment tool holders (or with the Seco-Capto ™ interface) for adapting HSS blades. The 150.10 range is now compatible with Jetstream Tooling® Duo products for optimum watering, performance and reliability.

The Mini-Shaft system allows the machining of small diameters, such as grooving, turning, profiling or threading. The head / tool connection has a unique ribbed surface and a large contact surface for optimum indexing accuracy, rigidity and tool life. The inner lubrication channels through the center and the coolant outlet directed towards the cutting edge improve chip evacuation and surface condition while increasing the life of the tool.

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