Side clamps pneumatic


Side clamps pneumatic
Description :

Side clamps are suitable for clamping workpieces which must be machined from above. Lateral clamping keeps the upper machining surface free from protruding edges. These side clamps are operated with standard pressure compressed air. The large swivel angle of the clamping arm makes it easy to insert and remove the workpieces without any obstructions, guaranteeing optimum accessibility to the workpiece. The block design of the housing offers universal fastening possibilities, which means that the side clamp can be optimally adapted to the workpiece being clamped. These side clamps are available with smooth and serrated jaw plates, enabling rough or machined workpieces to be held.

Pneumatic side clamps can also be placed in multiple positions on the workpiece and operated in any particular order. They can be controlled manually or automatically. As these clamps are pneumatically actuated, they relieve the operator, particularly where frequent clamping processes are carried out.
The clamping forces indicated are based on 0.5 MPa.


Housing aluminium.
Clamping arm steel.

Housing anodised.
Clamping arm black oxidised.

The clamping forces indicated are based on 0.5 MPa.

Drawing reference:
Form A: smooth
Form B: serrated

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