Tubular handles ?Bighand?


Tubular handles ?Bighand?
Description :

The newly designed Bighand tubular handle with its ergonomic oval shape and selected tube size provides a secure and comfortable grip. Its timeless elegant design makes it attractive and the variable colour scheme means it can be optimally adapted to its surroundings.

Fastening materials are not provided.
Cap screws with LONG-LOK thread lock are recommended for a secure and permanent hold.

The end pieces are designed so that the tubular handle can be fastened either from the front or rear. DIN M8 cap screws or hex head screws are provided for this purpose. After mounting, the end caps can be pressed in by hand. Slots are provided on both sides of the end caps so that they can be removed with a screwdriver without damaging them.


Oval tube aluminium.
End piece thermoplastic polyamide.
End cap thermoplastic polyamide.
Adapter bush stainless steel.

Oval tube black grey powder-coated (glossy), black anodised (matt) or natural tone anodised (matt).
End piece black grey RAL 7021.
End cap black grey RAL7021, pure orange RAL 2004, rape yellow RAL 1021, traffic red RAL 3020, signal green RAL 6032 or traffic blue RAL 5017.

Temperature range:
Permanent temperature max. 100 °C.
Short time use up to 180 °C.

On request:
Special lengths “A”.

07160 DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762 cap screws, LONG-LOK thread lock
07160 DIN 912 / DIN EN ISO 4762 cap screws
07171 DIN 933 / DIN-EN-ISO 4017 hex head screws
07210 DIN 934 / DIN EN ISO 4032 / DIN EN 24032 hex nuts
07300 DIN 125 / DIN EN ISO 7089 Form A washers

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