Vertical lathes Giddings & Lewis Fives V-Series: versatility and high added value

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Vertical lathes Giddings & Lewis Fives V-Series: versatility and high added value
Sunday, March 20, 2016Description :
Fives introduces the new Giddings & Lewis V-Series vertical lathes: versatility and high added value

Fives' new Giddings & Lewis V series is now available on the European market. This series of vertical lathes, designed for workshops looking for versatility and reliability, is capable of machining a wide range of parts. With a high chip removal rate and high precision, the V series towers offer many high-value standard features.

Multi-purpose machines

The Giddings & Lewis V-Series vertical lathes, equipped with trays between 800 and 2,500 mm, can handle a wide range of parts, including pumps, valves, gears, bearings, compressors, wheel hubs , Engine casings, etc.

The hydrostatic flow provides more rigidity during hard passes and produces less friction, thus guaranteeing a high precision of cut and a better surface state, while limiting the maintenance costs. The infinitely adjustable transom lifting system allows the transverse carriage to be positioned to optimize cutting conditions and productivity.

Compact, the six models do not require the establishment of specific foundations. The machines can be moved easily if necessary.

An economical tooling system

The Giddings & Lewis V Lock interface incorporates standard modular tooling, long cutting tools, and optionally a rotary spindle at right angles. Standard modular tools offer significant savings compared to the tooling systems offered on most vertical lathes. They are also lighter, simpler and safer to use, and their maintenance is faster. .

Options available to increase flexibility and productivity

The optional right angle rotating spindle offers more versatility. Other options are the high-pressure cooling system and the probing system for tools and parts that increase the machining capacity and ensure the high quality of the parts as well as the cartridge , Standard or complete.
"The Giddings & Lewis V Series is designed to be flexible, reliable and affordable to meet the needs of Fives customers. It remains faithful to the design that has earned the name Giddings & Lewis since 1903. The V series contributes to Fives' reputation as a preferred supplier of unique production solutions, "says Kevin Lichtenberg, CEO of Fives Giddings & Lewis , Established at Fond du Lac in the United States.

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