WAGO Contact SA optimizes its quality control processes with the IM Series

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WAGO Contact SA optimizes its quality control processes with the IM Series
Wednesday, July 6, 2016Description :
In addition to a faster and more reliable control of its production, the Swiss site of WAGO has put in place a statistical processing of the manufacture which allows to detect drifts at the right time.

The WAGO site of Domdidier specializes in the production of printed circuit boards. It has a workforce of 500 people on an area of ??18300 m². 95% of production is exported abroad in a market context with strong Chinese competition. The company is distinguished by its industrial methods.

"Our goal is to improve two main aspects of our industrial procedures: first, to obtain measurement reliability independently of the operator, and second, to win Faster time not only allows you to analyze more parts but it also speeds up the process of feeding our statistical manufacturing data processing system, "says Ronny Maggini, Production Manager , Within WAGO Contact SA in Domdidier.

The metrological control has a direct consequence on the production, both in terms of safety and quality of the final product, as well as the reliability of the automatic assembly processes of WAGO. The manufacturing tolerance is around one-hundredth of a millimeter.

WAGO acquired the new IM dimensional imaging system from Keyence. Because this system performs the measurements in an automated way, there is no longer any risk of variation or drift between the various operators.
This new tool also makes it possible to carry out reliable measurements in a minimum of time. Simply position the part to be controlled, press the button and up to 99 ribs are measured in a few seconds with a repeatability of +/- 1 micron.

This solution is actually faster for WAGO: "Previously, we were using profile projectors, but they required the operator to spend a significant amount of time on the measurements. Factor 10 ", says Ronny Maggini.

WAGO has set up an SPC (Statistical Process Control). This statistical process control is used to anticipate the steps to be taken to improve and make the manufacturing process more stable. This results in better product quality, reduced non-quality costs (scrap, customer returns ...) and helps to limit bottlenecks and wait times.

"We have put together a number of IM profile projectors that are used intensively, so we collect a lot of manufacturing data, and the IM Series already has a good base of statistical tools for their processing. This statistical processing is beginning to bear fruit and provides relevant information We can detect drifts before reaching a point where manufacturing tolerances are no longer met By way of example, conventional problems such as wear and tear Dies, punch or tools can be detected on time, "says Ronny Maggini.

Unlike traditional measuring systems, the IM-6600 series allows the measured values ??to be automatically saved, because the processing is digital. This measuring device can be integrated into the company's network. The data can thus be easily classified and processed to perform statistical index, trend or variation analysis, or to prepare inspection records. It is also possible to define group extraction parameters for statistical, analysis and inspection registers.

The tool was very well received internally. It's so convenient and so easy! We even brake its use, because for now we prefer to use it in production series, "says Ronny Maggini.

The IM-6600 series has a CAD data import module. It can convert CAD files into measurement data that can be used by the IM series. This allows you to prepare parts control programs more quickly.

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