5-axis module system


5-axis module system
Description :

The NLM UNI lock clamping system is specifically designed for use on 5-axis machining centres.
It is perfectly suitable for clamping complex parts.
As a result, machining can be carried out with one single clamping operation.
Furthermore, machining is even possible on the 6th axis.
The workpieces are held by the 5-axis module using a threaded coupling.

This clamping system can be assembled and reconfigured at will for multiple types of applications, thanks to its modular design and the large quantity of available modules.
We offer more than 70 fixturing component: base modules, add-on clamping modules and accessories.
Combining the various components together will allow fastening with multiple interfaces, thereby making work at different heights and machining of complex workpieces possible.


- 5-axis machining without edge restrictions
- Modular design for optimum flexibility
- Interfaces designed for use with current systems
- Various workpiece attachment configurations possible
- The workpiece is firmly held by the clamping system
- The workpiece can be easily positioned with tapped holes or through tight fit
- Accurate positioning on Zero Lock system components
- Modules with high clamping force
- Excellent reproducibility

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