Quarter-turn locks with cam tongue


Quarter-turn locks with cam tongue
Description :

Quarter-turn locks with stepped cam are primarily used for doors and housings that require a higher pressure force on the seal. For right or left use. The locking process is always clockwise. The compression gap can be increased incrementally up to 9.5 mm at a maximum turning angle of 270° by turning the actuator clockwise.

Protected from water and dust to IP65.


Housing, actuator and tongue die-cast zinc.
Nut steel.
Flat seal rubber.

Housing and actuator trivalent passivated.
Tongue blank.
Nut electro zinc-plated.

Application area(s)

Lock for gates, electrical cabinets, sheet metal cabinets or machine doors

Areas of application: transport technology, assembly, logistics, doors, electrical cabinet construction, air conditioning technology

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