Spring plungers


Spring plungers
Description :

In practice, spring plungers are used mostly as thrust pins or ejector pins. A spring plunger is used when an element in toolmaking or machine construction needs to be fixed, indexed or positioned quickly. Spring plungers are also standard parts used frequently in everyday life. The locking mechanism is useful and functional. Plungers are therefore used in e.g. locking systems, valves, lamp fittings or for centring bearing surfaces. Spring plungers are a relatively common object found in most households.

Spring plungers in many different shapes and sizes can be found in the norelem range. The threaded versions are available with two different installation aids, either a slot for a screwdriver or hex socket for an hexagonal key. The thrust element at the other end can be either a ball or pin. The spring plunger bodies are available in steel, stainless steel, brass or plastic and can be threaded or smooth. The thrust balls and pins are available in steel, stainless steel, ceramic or polyoxymethylene (abb. POM).

Alongside the standard versions, spring plungers are also available with a LONG-LOK thread lock, detent ring, as a double-sided version and with a classic screw head.

Information on polyoxymethylene:

Polyoxymethylene is a thermoplastic with a high molecular weight. It is abbreviated to POM and is also known as acetal. Its greatest advantages are the low coefficient of friction, high rigidity and high thermal stability. All these positive properties make POM an ideal plastic for precision parts in industry.

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