Toggle clamps horizontal with safety interlock


Toggle clamps horizontal with safety interlock
Description :

Maintenance-free high quality link bushings. Sustainable constant force during opening and closing. Optimum stability through the conical, U-profile clamping arm. Including internal bar lock with automatic safety catch.

Quick clamping devices (force tensioner, quick clamping device) serve as mounting device and clamping device

Optimum stability thanks to conical clamping arm with U-profile
Fine build - ideal for tight spaces
Self-locking internal bar lock


Grip polyamide.
Unlocking bracket TPE.

Carbonitrided and black oxidised.

05280 Protective caps
05880 Angle brackets
07110 Ball-end thrust screws
07117 Grippers, adjustable
07120 Grub screws with thrust point DIN 6332
07121 Grub screws with ball thrust point
07140 Thrust pads DIN 6311
07142 Thrust pads

Application area(s)

machine building, welding technology, metallurgy, wood processing, plastics industry

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